About Me

My name is Zach. This is me.

Soundillustrated - Me

I  love music – playing it, singing it, talking about it, recommending it to people, finding new musicians…you get the idea.

Every week I find myself spending hours listening to new music, looking at recent releases on iTunes, and discovering newly signed artists. Why not, I said to myself, do something with this musical pabulum?

So now I’ve started a blog, partially to assuage the fear that I’m selfishly wasting time better spent elsewhere, and partially because I actually think some of you might enjoy this eclectic mix of new music. At the very least, it will save you hours of your life spent surfing the internet for new music.

If you have any questions, recommendations, requests, or opinions, please leave a comment!

*Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the pictures or music included on this blog. Except that picture of me up there – that’s mine. Everything else is here for entertainment and educational purposes only. Go buy the stuff you like from the artists or on iTunes. There – civic duty done and bases covered. Whew.


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